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How Color Variations in Granite Countertops are Formed

The pleasing aesthetic qualities of granite, with many color variations, provided by nature make each piece unique


Brighton MI -- The United States is a leader in the extraction and processing of granite for the building industry with its several quarries nationwide. As the demand for granite for use in kitchen countertops and other home improvement projects grows, more suppliers from all over the world will be needed. The wide variety of color variations gives customers a great inventory to choose from when they visit Surface Encounters granite countertops showroom.

Granite is a dimensional stone which is formed over eons from minerals solidifying together and condensing under great forces of pressure from the plate tectonics in the earth’s crust. When cut into slabs and polished the layers of formation in the stone can be seen in new granite countertops.

The unique color patterns found in granite are created by the flow of the minerals through the body of this natural stone. This is called “movement” and granite countertops are often full of “movement”. This “movement” of minerals in one’s granite countertop can make the countertop appear darker or lighter. A complete selection of color schemes can be found on Surface Encounters’ website (

Granite will vary in its color pattern and is almost like a fingerprint, no two countertops are exactly alike. The longer the slab the more distinct and unique the piece becomes, so each granite countertop is a unique piece of nature’s art.

Depending on the décor of one’s home or office, one may choose a color pattern native to a specific part of the world. Asian décors normally are accented with a red or pink granite countertop. These countertops are created from what is known as Rose granite which is native to Brazil or China.

A popular color chosen by contractors today is a blue granite countertop. Blue granite is native to the Ukraine, South Africa, and Norway. Regardless of the décor, Surface Encounters has 1000’s of color choices to choose from either in international or domestic granite.

The most widely used colors of granite used for kitchen and bathroom countertops are yellow, beige, brown and black. In black granite, the quartz characteristics found in the natural stone give a textured appearance providing both an elegant and deep finish to a granite countertop. The black granite used in countertops is native to Sweden, Australia, South Africa and India.

Granite countertops with all of its color vanities offer one a chance at the most durable, life time-lasting beauty for any home. Unlike laminates which fade or discolor, granite countertops can be polished and returned to a rich, deep and full luster that only polished granite can provide.

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